5 Topics to avoid discussing with family to avoid quarantine fights

Since we’re all in temporary confinement right now, we know that some things are just bound to happen like clockwork. We know that we’re going to up our snacking game, that we’re going to run out of things to binge-watch, and that we’re going to have a series of fights with our family.

But hey, what if we told you that that last regrettable fact of life doesn’t have to be a fact anymore? What if we gave you the cheat-sheet for all the topics you need to avoid to not have quarantine fights? Well, that’s exactly what we’re saying here.


With nothing more than free time on your hands, you and your family (most likely, your parents) will probably veer off into discussing things like your career, which can be nightmarish for more reasons than one.

If you have a job you don’t like or are planning to quit, you’ll get told off because you’re “reckless and have no plans”. If you don’t have a job, you’ll get told off for being “ambition-less and lazy”. And don’t, for the sake of everything you love, bring up the whole ‘but this is not who I am‘ conversation.

Old fights

Since you kind of literally have all day to reminisce on the good old times, you may find yourself stumbling upon the bad times as well. Sometimes, these bad times can involve a few fights you’ve had with your family.

There really is no advice we can give here except that you please do not try to bring up old fights to try to win them just because you’re bored. Let bygones be bygones. Please.

Your true passions in life

In the regular pre-quarantine world, whenever you tried talking with your parents about how much you wanted to leave everything behind and focus on art, for example, you might not have gotten the best response. Actually, you might not have gotten a response at all.

During the quarantine world, that conversation will have a different outcome because you’re all shacked up now with no way out of that conversation. Sadly, that conversation will turn into a fight titled “You’re Throwing Your Life Away”.


Another topic that will already get you into the mother of all fights within normal circumstances, any talk involving relationships is a well-set trap waiting to go off.

If you take the bait, it will turn into a big deal. “I don’t like that guy, leave him”, “you’re not getting any younger” — that kind of big deal.

Anything you have ever bought

Our families, mostly parents, usually always have a thing to say about anything we say or do and our shopping doesn’t escape that. During these trying times, they will try you and they’ll bring any old item you bought into question, calling it either “silly”, “a waste of time”, “doesn’t really do anything”.

If you hear any of these sirens, avoid that conversation or divert it into anything funny or lighthearted because it might go nuclear.

These are the most fight-worthy topics that come to mind, but if you have more, please share with us!