In this fast moving world, we tend to look for perfection in every single step of the way. We want to make the best out of our lives, because we only get to live once. Choosing where to live and the kind of community we will belong to is a top priority for most people! Oriental for Urban Development (OUD) has proven to be one of Egypt’s most trusted and most innovative real estate developers, can it be the perfect home for you? Let’s see about that…

Below are 6 tips to find the perfect and right home for you and your family:

#1: Having a Healthy Community Culture

We all want to be part of a culture that cares about building a healthy community, a culture that brings people together and offers exquisite living experiences. OUD can make that happen for you, because they don’t just build houses, they make homes. Your home. They’ve been developing homes and communities for 24 years, catering to generations of the past, present and future. 

#2: A Convenient Location Where Facilities are Close

A perfect home is one where you’d be in close proximity to almost every kind of service you need. This point is crucial, as you wouldn’t want to drive for an hour to go to the supermarket or to go watch a movie…

#3: A Place that Understands the Definition of a Family

Living in a place that provides activities that help the whole family bond together, as well the kind of facilities that cater to every family member on his own, are some of the basic needs of any family. OUD is a strong family of companies, so they know all about embracing family values. They offer a variety of communities to suit the needs of every Egyptian family.

#4: A Place that Appreciates Details

If you want to really live in the perfect place, then the small details whether in terms architecture, house design or the surrounding areas do matter a lot. OUD started their journey in 1994; their dedication and attention to details were the reasons behind their success. They embrace the present and continue building for the future.

#5: It is All About the Commitment

Having developed around 16 million square meters of urban space shows how greatly committed OUD is. They are guided by the voice of their past, and highly honor the rich history of their organization and its sister companies. Thus, they aim to achieve BRAND LOVE by always keeping their promise of delivering quality and excellence in terms of deadlines, and innovative designs. They continue to raise the bar year after year.

#6: A Great Location

You’d need a place that is located in a really cool area, so that even when other areas are urbanized, you’d still have that great spot. A place that is close to your work and kids’ schools. OUD is present in all the vital places in Egypt; Qattameya, 10th of Ramadan and 5th settlement. They have huge expansion plans in the new capital, Ein Sokhna, Marsa Allam and North Coast. So, perfect location? Checked.


Given the above list, we recommend OUD for real estate, as they provide top-notch housing units taking everything in mind. To add the cherry on the top, watch out for their 2018 projects, from developing a huge industrial area in Ain Sokhna, to building new communities in areas such as New Cairo, the new administrative capital, El Mostakabal City, and the North Coast, and last but not least developing new zones in their massive development in Marsa Allam, Oriental Coast. 2018 is definitely OUD’s year, so make it yours too, and find your perfect home.