Let’s just make this clear! Owners of Apple products have got it made, but there are times when we suffer a lot! We might love our MacBooks, but they have caused us a lot of pain in the times when we needed them most. Our iPhones have let us down time and time again. That doesn’t mean we don’t love our Apple products; it’s kind of a love/hate relationship!! Here are some things that most, if not all, Apple owners have experienced: 

1- The iPhone Charger Heart attack 

It seems like it’s a fact of life. Whether you own a lightning cable or not, iPhone chargers don’t last forever. Grieving over their loss can be unimaginable though :’)zpEXy5

2- Temperature Trauma

When you live in the smoldering heat that is the country of Egypt, this error message becomes something you’re very acquainted with as an Apple user. If only we could carry our phones in iceboxes to combat this.ImageUploadedByiMore Forums1386030740.754692

3- The MacBook Charger Meltdown

The fact that this happens with not one but TWO Apple product chargers makes me wonder if their chargers aren’t engineered to break.ezgif.com-optimize-2

4- The Rainbow Circle Rage

Every time this circle comes up, I know that I have to force quit the application I have open or eternally be stuck on this error message.giphy4

5- The Magnetic Charger Struggle

A magnetic charger might seem like a good idea until you’re trying to find the exact place for the magnet to attract the outlet 🙁giphy1

6- The Screen Crash Panic Attack 

You’ve dropped your phone and now you have to turn it over to check if your screen has shattered to pieces… It probably did. Now’s a good time to purchase a screen protector.10efbfc641910e4136bccdf5b80ceca5_original

7- The Apple Earphone Tangle Tango

Handling your earphones is not something you like to think about. You reconsider listening to your favorite song before you go to work because it’ll take you a whole five minutes to detangle the earphones before you can do that!Headphones-1452286801

Despite all these shortcomings, we still love our Apple products and remain loyal users all the way to the end… Unless something better comes along.