We’ve all been hearing about the new Alexandrian governor, mainly for being fabulous, or because his wife is around all-the-time! Some people were against him, some were with him. In both cases, it was mainly because he’s from a higher class and won’t really relate to the lower classes.

Mr. Hanny El-Messiry decided to invest money in a Tram café instead of actually fixing the normal Trams. He proves once again that we have no sense of priorities!

El Youm7 shared the video on their social media of Mr. El-Messiry at the opening of the Tram Café. You could see at the video the pretty decorations, balloons, as well as people from the government enjoying their time whining and dinning, without throwing up.


While it’s a great idea, and most of us will enjoy it, it’s not really for the majority. How about removing the trash in the streets first, so we’d enjoy the view while we use the Tram café? Maybe?

We still do admit that it’s quite refreshing to see something like this happening in Egypt and seeing us becoming more luxuries. It’s just a matter of timing and priorities.