The holy month of Ramadan is a great chance for brands and companies to take an active role towards problems our society endures. Contributing in making this world a better place, having a mission that goes beyond products and profits speaks highly of the brand. Baraka’s latest campaign ranks high in these criteria; we just had to give it a shout-out and show our respect.

Baraka has decided to take it upon itself to spread kindness. SIMPLE! And we more than love them for that!


If you haven’t already heard about their 30 days of kindness campaign, here is how it works:

You take a picture of their new Baraka Bottle, then upload it on your Facebook page or Instagram account using the hashtag (#تلاتين_يوم_بركة) and Mention Baraka Water. In response, they will donate 20 bottles during Iftar time for every picture taken. It’s truly going to be Shahr El Baraka!

That’s not all there is to it, since an act of kindness causes a ripple effect; Careem has decided to take part in the campaign. They joined forced with Baraka, so that together they can serve our community. On that account, Careem captains will be the ones distributing the donated bottles during Iftar for the rest of Ramadan, raising the hashtag #Ramadan Careem Ma3ak. Isn’t that just awesome? How each brand or company plays a part in serving our community in its own way?

We couldn’t help but do our part too and help carry the message to participate in spreading kindness this Ramadan. So join in, take a picture of your Baraka Bottle, and remember, no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, especially during Shahr El Baraka.