Do you eat Nutella all day and night? Want to move to Italy? Want to get PAID for it? It can now be a reality. Can you imagine the blessings showering us from the heavens above? Yup, finally dream jobs are taken to the furthermost extreme!

None of us have ever seen that coming – not even in our wildest dreams.

We can read your mind; you want to jump off your seat and apply for the job? We’ve got your back.

Here’s what you need to be able to  apply:

-Ability to start working staring September 30th
-Willing to stay in Italy for 3 months
-MOST IMPORTANTLY: To have no allergies & posses a good sense of taste
-Ability to use a computer

According to what you have just read, the eligibility criteria can’t get any EASIER!

It might be a ONCE in a lifetime opportunity

In the past years, this job was entitled to the company’s employees. However, they wanted to twist things and hear feedback from people who actually buy their products. So who knows if they’re ever gonna open up such a vacancy again.

When a candidate gets accepted, he’s got a ‘Sensory Judge’ job title. Then immediately gets to learn new terminology to be able to describe each taste.

They have 60 openings, so in less than a month, we’ll officially have 60 people who work as ‘Nutella tasters’!