Don’t let the negativity we are all experiencing after our humiliating World Cup appearance get to you. Here comes some good news, finally! The world’s largest coal-fueled power station is to be built outside the Red Sea port of Hamrawein, south of Safaga! Egypt chose a Chinese consortium to build it.


Egypt’s 6GW, 6 billion dollar plant will be ready by 2025.

The capacity generated from the station is said to be 6GW greater than the one in Taiwan which is currently the world’s largest coal-fired plant in the world. So we are breaking record here!

Hamrawein will  run on clean coal with low cost, as it will be delivered by ships.

Work started in May 2018; Egypt will have the the world’s largest power plant run by coal in seven years time. This is a great step towards achieving the economic development that Egyptians aspire for.

Sources: Global Construction Review, Egypt Today and Youm7