It’s 2018, and people still can’t stop being judgmental!

Two days ago, superstar Amr Diab’s daughter, Kenzy shared a post on her personal Instagram account that didn’t go down well with Egyptians! It was a picture of her and some guy having a good time in the sun while sitting together on a trampoline.

The picture went viral on every single social media platform where users kept mentioning Amr Diab’s accounts, in hopes that  he’d notice his daughter’s latest post which they think is “inappropriate”! But we have to probe serious questions here. Do people truly think Amr Diab doesn’t know about his daughter’s public Instagram account? Or do they seriously expect him to give Kenzy a good spanking after they brought his attention to her latest picture? We guess not!

We already know all about the superstar’s private life; from his past marriages to secretly being with Dina El-Sherbiny! After all, he’s an Egyptian megastar whose private life is expected to be closely followed by his huge fan-base. But does that include people intruding on his daughter’s private life as well?

We still wonder why Egyptians can’t grasp the terms “private life” or “different culture”; like everyone lives according to their own perspective, mindset and the culture they’re surrounded with. In Kenzy’s case, people know she lives in the UK with her family since a young age, so why should we expect her to act in a “shar2y” way just because she’s Amr Diab’s daughter?

If the girl saw something inappropriate about the picture, she simply wouldn’t have posted it! So why do we always tend to exaggerate? Why can’t we openly accept others’ freedom or identity only because it differs from ours? Till when are we going to judge everything we come across whenever wherever?