Domestic Abuse

While we’re all doing our best to put an end to domestic abuse in our society, some women are literally asking for it!

On Saturday, April 13, Somaya El-Khashab was Amr Adib‘s guest on his MBC Masr show, El-Hekaya. In that episode, the Egyptian actress – and now apparently, singer as well – talked about domestic abuse as it was the subject of her new single.

Domestic abuse is such a critical subject that women have been fighting for years all over the world. But especially here in Egypt, where it’s a bit harder to go through with legal action against abusive husbands.

And now, instead of actually standing in solidarity with each other to fight the horrible situation many women fall helpless victims to, some others actually SUPPORT IT! 

Domestic Abuse

And no, those people who are apparently supporting domestic abuse, are not just men. They’re women too!

We were shocked to read the horrendous words of the domestic abuse supporters, encouraging men to hit their wives and shaming those who stand against it and ask for a divorce. 

Domestic Abuse

The comments came after El-Khashab’s statement that said: “If your husband hits you, even once, get a divorce immediately.”

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

And the very unfortunate responses varied between those who were saying she’s trying to destroy families and those who were making excuses for the men who hit their wives. Some were even giving tips on how to deal with an “angry” husband. Seriously?

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse

What’s wrong with your minds people? How could a sane person make such remarks? No matter what happened, nothing ever gives a man the right to hit a woman. Even if she was his wife, actually, especially if she was his wife. 

And any woman who immediately takes the decision of separation or divorce after being domestically abused is one hundred percent on the right track.

The women who stay silent and think it’s a one-time mishap: Wake up! If he does it once, he’ll do it again. If he starts doing it two days a week – when he’s not in the mood – he’ll eventually do it a million times a day.

And to anyone supporting this, domestic abuse does not just affect the relationship between a couple. It also doesn’t just affect the woman who faces such disgusting behavior. Those horrible actions hugely affect YOUR children, more than anything.

When a girl sees her father hitting her mom, she will grow up with endless fear. And when she witnesses her STILL staying after all the abuse, she’ll think it’s the right thing to do. She’ll think that she DESERVES to be punished and that quitting is not an option! 

On the other hand, if a boy faces the same situation, he will just grow up with anger management problems. And needless to say, he’ll do the same to his wife AND children. But most importantly, he’ll do that everywhere, which will lead to risking his own life! 

Think of your children people! If you’re okay with your husband abusing you because you think he has the right or you fear ‘destroying’ your family, then wake up! It’s the other way around. 

And don’t ever convince other women with the sick excuses you’re making up in your head for your husband to hit you!

As for men who JUSTIFY abusing their women, and shaming others who stand against those disgusting actions, SHAME ON YOU. You don’t deserve a wife, a family nor a stable life with that sick mind of yours!

Because it won’t be funny and normal when you kill your wife or when your children grow up with psychological problems, will it? 

Again, wake up people before it’s too late, and stop normalizing what’s wrong; this society is getting worse and you’re the reason why!