Let’s start by saying that thinking Netflix’s Enola Holmes is a series was a misconception we all had. But aside from that, we watched the hyped up film and we’re here to tell you what we loved about it and why you should consider it.

Female Empowerment

Our dear Millie Bobby Brown has a reputation for being rebellious. Both in characters and real life. And, it’s definitely something she didn’t fall short on as Enola.

In the film, they broke the stereotype of the “Disney princess” and celebrated the will and strong character of young Enola. She is smart, fun and strong-minded and she doesn’t conform to what society thinks she should be.

Such a great model to set for young girls, right?

Helena Bonham Carter!

This is such a perfect casting. Helena Bonham Carter rarely delivers a poor performance. In her role as Enola’s mother, she was simply the mother we all wish to have. Fun, supportive and chill. Well, maybe too chill but we loved her!

Superman As Sherlock Holmes

Not everyone agreed on Henry Cavill’s casting as Sherlock Holmes. Honestly, we didn’t either (just a little). But we were still excited to catch him as a new character in the big Sherlock Holmes universe.

We mean, it’s not every day we see Superman take on a new duty as the nineteenth century’s best known detective.


Edith’s dialogues were crucial to the storyline. Other than serving as quite the balance to Sherlock’s ignorance and snobbism, we felt her words also apply to our modern times and how important it is to acknowledge minorities and oppressed groups of people.

It was also so fun seeing her subtly scold Mr. Holmes of course.

We totally loved it but we also felt like something was horribly missing. We don’t know. Maybe it should’ve been a light series.

Our overall opinion? 7/10!