Everything you can do online to defeat quarantine boredom

No matter how many days you’ve self-quarantined and no matter how many days you’re yet to spend, chances are you’re bored to tears by now. You’ve binge-watched a lot of shows and you somehow ran out of conversation topics with your family and friends.

So, what are you supposed to do? Sit back and pray the days pass? No, all you have to do is follow this list of recommendations. See, we’ve scoured up everything you can do online to combat your boredom. You’re in for a jolly good time!

Online Concerts

We don’t know if you’ve taken notice of this yet but a lot of singers and musicians like John Legend and Coldplay’s Chris Martin took to their social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, to hold massive online concerts.

Other artists with upcoming online concerts include Tamer Ashour, hosting it from his own YouTube channel, and Aziz Maraka, from his own Facebook page.

Audio Books

We know, we know. You may not be in the mood to read anything right now, but audio books are different. For one thing, you’re not the one reading them. You’re just listening along, as someone (usually with a very soothing voice) paints you a whole new vivid world.


At first glance, you may think that audio books and podcasts are alike because, well, you just listen to things but that’s not the case. Podcasts are very much like radio talk-shows, with guests tuning in and talking about current topics of discussion. And let’s just tell you, it gets intense. Especially since many podcast topics are way weirder than radio.

You can find as many podcasts as you want, Egyptian and otherwise, on Anghami, Spotify, and PodU.

Online Museum Tours

Yes, this is an actual thing. If you’ve ever wanted to visit the Louvre or see the works of artists like Vincent van Gogh as up close as virtually possible, all you have to do is visit Google Arts & Culture, which has an arsenal of free virtual tours up its sleeve. A perfect cure for boredom!

Online Games

Okay, we’ll admit, this one is a bit on the nose but now you can rediscover your burgeoning passion for online games by playing the hell out of them!

There’s a bonus point, too. Since now we’re all getting extra internet, courtesy of our national internet providers, why not put that to combating our quarantine-boredom?

Give some of these ideas a try and you won’t regret it!