Spotting A Fake Male Feminist 101

In this day and age, feminism just seems like common sense and we, for one, are glad. Gone are the days when people used to think that “women don’t have it that hard” or “yes, some jobs aren’t for all genders“, right?

Wrong, actually. See, what happened is kind of weird. While quite a lot of women and some men started accepting feminism, there’s still a portion of men who don’t really buy into it. Even if they pretend to.

That’s kind of a whole new wave of men, you know. The kind that pretends to be feminists for whatever reasons. And we’re telling you just how to spot them.

He loves announcing his ‘feminism’

The first sign that someone does not believe in a cause is kind of evident if they vehemently announce their support for it. When a man says he’s a self-described feminist, who’s all about women rights, it always kind of feels like he’s doing a live performance, doesn’t it?

And before you ask, a man who believes in feminism won’t harp on it, when they’re not asked. Simply because they won’t be looking for validation.

He will push you to be uncomfortable in the name of liberation

he might say things like…

Another sign that a “feminist” man is actually fake is that he pushes you to do everything you’re not comfortable with. And if you actually protest or voice why you’re not comfortable, he might actually tell you you’re not that open-minded after all.

He puts all women on pedestals

Before you tell us “well, is that not what feminism is about”, allow us to quickly explain that feminism isn’t about female superiority. It’s something else entirely.

It’s simply about gender equality, as in we’re all the same. As in, not all women are saints and if he acts like they are then he’s either delusional or he’s contributing to a harmful ideal to appear “liberated”.

He expects you to praise him for the bare minimum

Yes, for lack of better words, this is the kind of guy who will start a whole conversation about why women and men should be paid equally only to give you a sly look after, as if waiting for you to thank him.

exhibit A

And the thing is, he’ll never deserve that thanks because he hasn’t said anything radical and he hasn’t helped you with anything. But good luck, telling him that.

He expects women to be into him because of his “feminism”

This is by far the best sign on the list because it’s the easiest to spot. A lot of people have this tendency to pretend to be into certain things when they want to grab the attention of people they like.

However, there’s a difference between pretending to like tennis for a conversation starter and lying about supporting a cause and expecting women to fall in love with you for it.

Do these signs ring any bells?