Farida Osman is the girl of this season and hopefully every season. In the middle of Egypt’s sadness over the Egyptian national football team’s World Cup loss, everyone overlooked, or didn’t provide enough attention to what Farida Osman has been doing for the past few days!

The game in Spain is on fire because of Farida Osman!!

Farida Osman has managed to steal the show by earning her second gold medal in the 50-meter women’s freestyle event at the 2018 Mediterranean Games. Did we forget to mention that this was after Osman received her first gold medal by participating in a 50-meter butterfly competition and another silver medal for the 100-meter butterfly competition? She checked that off her list of achievements too!

Osman has managed to break the record as she finished the 50- meter freestyle race in 24:83 seconds! Yep, you read that one right!

Farida Osman should be everyone’s main focus these days. She is proof that football is not the only sport our country should adore and follow that closely. Osman has been scoring record after record in her specialty; freestyle and butterfly, ever since the 2012 Summer Olympics.

No matter how dark it gets, there is always a glimmer of light in the darkness. Farida Osman managed to be that light. More credit should be given to her since she is striving to be the best; we need to cheer for her every step of the way.