Artwork by Omar Hazem

Staying positive is your number one key to living a long happy life. If you manage to keep your positivity, you guarantee that nothing will ever bring you down no matter what.

Unfortunately, people nowadays are filled with tremendous amounts of negative energy that you feel like you are living with zombies that just came back from the dead.

Since we realize the importance of positivity, we thought of providing you with the manual of ‘Staying Positive 101’.

Look at the Bright Side

You hear people saying ‘the cup is half full’ a lot, in fact it always is. Trying to look at the bright side helps you develop your own character, because you learn from your previous mistakes. Always challenge your negative thoughts and push yourself to be more positive and optimistic.

Surround Yourself by Positivity

Whether we like to admit it or not, the surrounding environment and the people around us affect our lives to a great extent.

Surround yourself by positive people, who try to make the most out of the situation. You’ll find your life moving forward and way easier than when you’re surrounded by negative people.

Be Grateful

Being thankful and grateful is what generates positivity. Think of all the blessings in your life and then you will automatically think that there is no reason for negativity, because you already have too much.

Stop Overthinking

Train your brain to stop overthinking. Overthinking acts as the number one reason why people give up on dreams and why people sometimes act negatively.

You would be there lying down and then your brain convinces you that WW3 will take place tomorrow on your birthday, how will this ever make you feel positive?

Stay Focused on the Present

Of course, you need to plan for your future and critique your past to learn from it, but try focusing more on the present rather than dwelling over the past/future.

Stay connected to your day and focus on the positive things that happened and remember that every day can be better than the one before. Try adding a daily act that makes you happy.

Help Someone Out

They say ‘Do good when in need’, but I say do good even when you are not in need. Helping someone out brings you a bundle of joy and positive energy; you need this kind of positivity in your life.

Exercise Regularly

Science proved how practicing sports helps humans get rid of their negative energy. Spend a minimum of 20 minutes jogging or doing any kind of exercise and you will feel that positivity is all over the place.

Know How to Deal with Sadness

The first step you need to make is to know yourself a bit more, understand what makes you happy and what tips you off. Learn how to deal with your anger/sadness or your emotions generally. If you do that, then you will help yourself get over anything quickly.

Reflect on Your Day

Reflecting is like reviewing all the events that happened throughout your day, how you dealt with all situations and whether you stayed on track with the positivity or not. Allocate 15 minutes of your day just before bedtime, to reflect positively.