Have you ever wondered how much time you have to live? And I don’t mean to say in years, but in exact months, weeks and hours. It obviously differs from one person to the other. Let’s assume that the average person lives till about the age of 80. That means we’ve got about 960 months, 29216 days, and 701184 hours to live. So, how much time do you actually spend doing the things you want to be doing? Here’s a list of all the time we spend waiting for life to happen. 

1- Sleepingsleeping-beauty

Say the average person sleeps about 8 hours a day. It varies obviously, as you sleep a lot more as a kid, and a lot less as you grow older. So, the average is 8 hours/day. That means you sleep 9738 days. That’s approximately 26 years. That leaves you with 19478 days/54 years left to live.

2- In Traffic tr

I mean, seeing that we live in Egypt, this probably exceeds any logical explanation. Because a lot of us work far from home, it can take us about 3 hours/day stuck in traffic! Let’s just assume that maybe during the weekend we drive less, so I’ll say that we’re stuck in traffic for about 16 hours/week. That’s approximately 1800 days stuck in traffic! That’s almost 5 years, waiting. That leaves you with 17678 days or 49 years left to live.

3- In the Bathroom bathroom

The average human spends about 45 minutes in the bathroom everyday. I know some who probably spend double that amount of time though! So assuming it’s 45 minutes, you end up spending 529 days in the bathroom, which is almost 1.5 years of your life. That leaves you with 47 years or 17148 days.

4- Getting Dresseddress

It’s a known fact that women spend more time getting ready in the morning than men, but let’s say that the average human spends about 20 minutes getting ready in the morning. So that equates to about 5 days a year, solely choosing clothes, getting dressed and undressed. That’s about 238 days of your lifetime in front of the closet. That leaves you with 46.5 years or 16910 days left!

5- Looking for Lost Possessions keys

That’s about 10 minutes a day, looking for your keys, your glasses, your headband, etc. So that adds up to 2.5 days a year, just looking for things you’ve lost. These 2.5 days/year make 118 days in your lifetime looking for lost possessions. That’s 1/3 of a year just roaming around, searching. That leaves you with approximately 46 years (16792 days).

6- On Social Media Platformskkk

The average human spends about 1 hour and 40 minutes on social media everyday. But let’s assume that the first 12 years of your life, you’re not part of the social media world, and the last 20 years, you don’t care enough. So that’s 25 days a year, and that equals 1262 days of your life spent on social media! Making it 3.5 years solely having your eyes glare at a screen. That leaves you with 42.5 years and 15530 days left. 

So we’ve went from 80 years/ 29216 days to 42.5 years/15530 days.

Well, that was depressing. That’s half of your life gone, just like that. Tick Tock people. Tick Tock. With what time we have left, we really should only be doing the things that matter to us.