When you lose someone you love, it can feel like someone’s physically carved a hole in your heart. The pain is incomparable, and it feels like it can never be surmountable. But we all need to make it through, because it’s only the circle of life. Here are a few ways you can cope with losing someone close to your heart: 

1- Face the loss and let your pain out shutterstock_174310112

Don’t dull the pain. It’s going to hurt, but you need to face it. Give yourself a few weeks to profoundly be sad. Don’t let it affect your life negatively on the long run, but it doesn’t hurt to give yourself a month or so to just grieve. Let it consume you for a set time and after that you can try to move on.

2- Understand what loss is


Death is only part of the circle of life. It’s a whole unstoppable cycle. No one is going to live forever. You might cope with the pain a little bit better once you’ve grasped that death is nothing but normal, and that it’s never the end. Also, understand that no one ever really loses anyone, they’re always with us in our hearts and thoughts.

3-Talk to others about it friends-hugging

Talking about it to others does ease the pain a little bit. Pain weighs less when shared. It won’t do you much good to keep it to yourself all the time. Find people you trust to talk to. And stay away from those who take your grief lightly.

4- Keep the memories memories

Missing them is going to hurt. But trying to forget about them is definitely not the solution. Keep positive memories of them around you; moments you’ve shared together, nice pictures, etc.
That doesn’t mean they should consume your thoughts, but you should keep them around to know that they’re not really gone and that they’re always with you.

5- Distract yourselfwork

Keep yourself busy with work, family and outings. Make sure you’re not free all the time. By distracting yourself, you take your mind off the pain a little bit.

6- Think about other joyful thingsartist-painting-autumn-scene-1

Think about other things that make you happy. Activities that inspire you, the career that you’re passionate about, anything. Maybe even watch inspiring films, or just simple comedies that make life a little better.

7- Spend time with your friendsfriends

Spend time with good company. Choose who makes you happy, and spend as much time as you can with them. It’ll be comforting to know that you still have people who make you happy around.

8- Don’t feel guilty


Also, don’t feel guilty if you find yourself smiling and happy. It’s normal. Life goes on, and that doesn’t mean that you’re being unfaithful to the person you’ve lost. They’re still with you and they want you to be happy.

9- Know that it’ll take time to heal

Riley Osborne voices The Little Prince and James Franco voices The Fox in the stop-motion animated film THE LITTLE PRINCE by On Animation Studios

Only time will actually help you heal. All of these things we’ve talked about will help ease the pain and make it through all the aching. But only time will really make it better. Be patient.

Death is never the end. Life continues in your thoughts, memories and heart.