Misr El Kheir Foundation, one of the leading NGOs in Egypt that aims to develop the Egyptian society was founded in May 2007  by a group of people who had the same goal of making a difference, saving the human dignity and providing the basic human rights. Misr El Khier participated in several projects in the scopes of education, heath, scientific research, social solidarity and life aspect development to reach its goal of eradicating unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and diseases.


Rania Nour, Misr El Khier Marketing Director said “Due the unprecedented decline in the government’s ability to provide basic services to the poor, the number of poor and needy became tremendous. Therefore we at Misr El Kheir work with a systemic methodology; we scan research and study the society to provide the services and projects that are most needed. We also study each case to know the most rightful person to get our help and support. We have scanned 445 villages, 39 centers and 262 hamlets so far, we are willing to continue to expand and many of our services have already reached the entire republic.”
Rania added” In Misr El Khier we don’t just give money we care about developing people and their skills to be more productive citizens to the society and have a sustainable income to support themselves and their families”.


 Ahmed Nagi , Misr El-Khier Partnership Manager stated “For years companies have been indulged in commercial success; a completely legitimate objective. Lately, actually for the past ten years, it has been realized that businesses are about people, managed and led by people and aimed at reaching out to people. This is where social responsibility, became not just a cause, but a mechanism for companies to reach and sustain success. Customers do not just relate to companies with corporate citizenship, but employees as well. The right people most likely will make a choice of their employer based on the latter’s role in society. They won’t just join the company; they will invest their time to participate in volunteering in social responsibility projects. We all have this need; to give back and make a difference. In Misr ElKheir, we focus on human development. We believe that if a person is in good health, educated, trained, led and supported the entire society will be enhanced and growth will be cascaded everywhere. “


Nagy added “As partnership manager, I need to cater to the needs to our client/ corporate investors. Our profile includes projects in education, health, scientific research, social solidarity and life aspect development. We make it a point to engage in projects that matter and really touch Egyptian lives.  Misr Elkheir has a very talented & creative Marketing Team, backed up with a staye of the Audio – Unit capable of showing casing our partner’s contribution as a role model to the community leading by example. 


Nagy concluded “We truly wish that companies give this opportunity to people, to actually participate in our projects and realize the positivity of ‘Making a Difference.’ ” 


EL Ahram St, El Nafoura Square, Mokattam

Tel : 02/25089012 – 02/25089014

Web site: www.misrelkheir.org