Yesterday was definitely a busy day in the life of Mostafa Kamel. The once very popular singer of the early 2000s has once again proved that there’s something seriously questionable about Egyptian men.

Here’s a quick recap of what went down….

It was just a day just like any other day and it seemed like the elections for the President of the Musicians Syndicate procedures were going exceptionally smooth. Until Mostafa kamel showed up anyway, and all hell broke loose.

Apparently, the wife of some syndicate official (who is also running for president) was irritated when the election room was overly crowded and she called for ending the mess. That’s when things escalated; kamel responded and started yelling at the lady and at some point pushed her!!

Luckily, it was all caught on camera by Youm7.

As a consequence, the lady-named Hoda-has filed a police report and stated that she will continue pursuing legal action against the singer. Who would blame her, right?

Hold on, the drama doesn’t end here..

On the same day, Hany Shaker, the renowned classical singer and former President of the syndicate, commented harshly on an earlier statement by Mostafa Kamel hinting that the syndicate is full of corruption. Kamel took it too far to the point where he used this معاً ضد الفساد as his campaign slogan. Directly hinting that Shaker is corrupt himself!

Watch Akhbar El Yom’s video about it.

The day ended with Hany Shaker beating Kamel and 45 other candidates with high scores, making him the President of the Syndicate for the second year in a row.

Honestly, people didn’t really care much for the elections in comparison to Mostafa Kamel’s scandalous incident, a behavior that is unlikely to come from a man of his status! So much for a potential president for Egyptian musicians, huh?