Sappy Movies

Everyone needs a good cry every now and then. Especially since it’s summer and we have plenty of time on our hands to watch sappy movies, eat chocolates and bury our sorrows.

Which is why we’re here to help you release that pain while watching sappy but awesome movies; here are the top 5 Romantic AND dramatic movies trending these days:

#1 Five Feet Apart

If you cried your eyes out watching “The Fault in Our Stars“, then you’re definitely about to really like this. “Five Feet Apart” revolves around a young couple – Cole Sprouse and Hailey Lou – who meet in very strange circumstances.

Both have a life threatening Cystic Fibrosis disease and being close makes it even worse; so they have to always stay five feet apart. Get your tissues ready for this one! 


#2 Then Came You

This one is a bit similar to the whole impossible love and disease trend that’s going on here. But add friendship to it. And yes, it’s also going to make you insanely sad so consider yourself warned!

Then Came You” revolves around a young man – Asa Butterfield – who had a traumatic experience when his sister died which led him to believe he’s going to do as well. Turning into a hypochondriac, he joins a cancer support group and meets a girl – Maisie Williams – with a terminal illness, who changes his life forever.

#3 Adrift

If you like romantic movies with a twist, then this one is for you.

Based on a true story, starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Clafllin,”Adrift” is about a couple who like embarking on adventurous journeys. But this time, things go wrong and they sail into a hurricane and of course try to make it out alive.

#4 A Star is Born

You’re going to be sad, cry and enjoy the music; all at once!

If you haven’t already watched this, “A Star is Born” is one the best movies that were newly released. When a young struggling artist – Lady Gaga – meets a charming legendary musician – Bradley Cooper – and falls in love, everything changes.

Between helping her fulfill her dreams and keeping up with their romance, he also tries to fight his alcoholism issues.

Such a sad tale that’s going to make you happy and sad, at the same time!

#5 The Sun is Also a Star

As part of the struggling love series we’re focusing on here; “The Sun is Also a Star” is about two strangers who fall instantly in love – Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton – and have to survive the fact that her family is being deported back to Jamaica.

You’re going to need to hold on tight to your popcorn for this!

#6 Midnight Sun

Starring Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger, “Midnight Sun” tells the tale of a girl who has lived her whole life in darkness because of her extreme condition of sensitivity to the sun. But meets the love of her life and has to hide it so she doesn’t lose him.

Like the rest, you really need a big box of tissues for this one. Also, don’t forget the chocolates!

Don’t forget to have this list saved so you could refer to it every time you need a really good cry; and let us know what you think of these choices!