Like many historical buildings around Egypt, the oldest watch shop in downtown Cairo is getting demolished, and we can’t express how sad this is!

By: Farid Farid

According to the government’s Maspero triangle plan, the 111 year old “Hinhayat”, located in downtown Cairo, near the Radio and Television building, will soon be demolished and a huge urban redevelopment will take its place!


Just like Khedewi Ismail’s Cairo first opera house and the historic Cairo’s Grand continental Hotel, which dates back to the 1860’s, Hinhayat is about to be old news by the end of this week!


Downtown Cairo has been going through a renovation phase for the last couple of years, which is really good for the country and the people who live in the area as well. However, the fact is, a lot of historic buildings that are supposed to mean so much to us are becoming a thing from the past.

As good as all the renovation projects are, we can’t help but feel sad for our Egyptian history and identity that is being taken away. Instead of completely demolishing them, why not renovate or maybe relocate them in other areas that are more appealing to visit?

The facade of S.Hinhayat Clock shop in Downtown Cairo.

The oldest watch shop goes way back. It even still has beautiful antiques like a clock which the shop owner’s father had fixed for King Farouk, and other famous Egyptians like Naguib El Rihani.