When it comes to pranks and tricks, schoolboys/girls are spoilt devils and in the teachers’ minds twice as evil! They’ve got a green thumb of getting away with the pranks, and it’s never known what else they’ve got up their sleeves.

If you can relate to any of the following tricks, then you can proudly claim that you did enjoy school years:

1. Fake Illness

Here is the oldest trick in the book; fake illness and get out of school. That’s when all of your buried acting skills are exposed to the world, but since this trick is easier said than done it got its own codes:

Don’t overdo it; school nurses have seen it all.


Don’t ask to call your parents, have them suggest it to you.

Oscar-level illness to fake: Throwing up and fever (You can go with headaches; it’s much easier).

Best part of this trick is when you get into your mama’s car, and on the way home you tell yourself ‘Damn, I’m good’



2. Listen To Music In Class

Why trouble your head with a math lesson or a history lecture when you can enjoy yourself by shuffling from U2 to Maroon 5 on your ipod? If you never experienced the glorious feeling of listening to music in class let me tell you, you haven’t lived.

Don’t underestimate the act; it’s not a piece of cake. It requires highly professional skills otherwise you will get yourself a detention. You’ve got to have the best camouflage, run the headphones up your sleeve, (Black ear bud for dark hair, white one for lighter-colored hair) put the sleeve up to your ear and lean on that arm.


3. April Fool’s Day

A day to celebrate practical jokes and hoaxes, what more can pranksters ask for? To get a thrill out of this day, it better be directed towards the teachers, and the whole class must be like-minded.

Two classes once decided to exchange classrooms and the teachers noticed after two lessons. In another story, a whole class agreed that when the teacher entered they would sit in exactly the same manner pretending to write but holding no pen. When the teacher said good morning, one brave soul looked up at her in indignation and said “Shh! We are working.”

And that’s the last we heard of that boy!


4. The Art Of Class-Eating aka The Hunger Games


We know that all mankind likes to eat in class, and the fact that it’s not allowed makes you all the more hungry. So why suffer when you can easily have the good old ‘behind the book’ meal; run your hand over you face as if to help you wake while the purpose is to not get caught munching.

Tips to remember to master the art of class eating:

Watch out for teachers who move around class a lot.

Stick to soft, silent food. This is no time for chips!!


5. A Free Period aka War Of the World

Ever heard the spectators’ scream after a smack down move? As wild and loud as it is, it can’t get closer to the one the schoolboys/girls do when a teacher is absent.


They will give rise to a riot in the classroom, where they would all fight each other with books. Bags are used as weapons, and desks as refuges, while pieces of arts would be drawn all over the chalkboard. A broken window glass, one of the lights burned and the whole class get a detention, not the best day when it comes to consequences…

Well, what would school be without a little fun?