The Ministry of Health and Population announced the closure of Al Salam International Hospital in Maadi for one month.

Dr. Ali Mahrous, head of the Central Administration for Free Treatment and Licenses, said that one patient submitted a complaint to the Ministry of Health and Population against Al Salam International Hospital, which resisted his admission and forced him to sign a cheque for half a million pounds.

A few days later, a complaint was lodged with the Ministry of Health against the hospital, which was referred to the ministry’s Department of Free Treatment and Licenses, which in turn formed a committee headed by Dr. Ali Mahrous to check the complaint, where he met the hospital management.

Dr. Ahmed Emad Eddin Radi, Minister of Health and Population, set up a committee consisting of the Central Administration for Free Treatment and Licenses, the Directorate of Health Affairs in Cairo, the Facilities Police and the municipality to ensure the validity of the complaint.

The Minister of Health and Population, for his part, issued a decision on January 16th to close down the hospital for a month, an administrative closure of the breach of trust, for failure to implement the decision of the Council of Ministers to receive and treat emergencies for free for 48 hours, and ratified the decision Governor of Cairo Atef Abdel Hamid.

The first 48 hours should be free. He explained that the patient came to the hospital in a car accident with an amputated left forearm and multiple fractures, where the hospital received and performed the successful surgery of the implantation of the forearm.

Another source claimed the patient was not an emergency case, and that he had been transferred from another hospital for the implantation surgery.

In order to ensure the safety of the patients in the hospital, the decision of the Minister of Health and Population and the Governor of Cairo to close the hospital shall include 5 operating rooms on the eighth floor except for one operating room and a recovery room, with the exception of the neurological physiology clinic including a brain imaging device, and the closure of clinics on the fifth floor, except for those that may be needed by the patients in the hospital, in addition to the closure of the emergency department in full except for dangerous cases.