Saudi Arabia’s strife within the royal family only heightened with the recent detainment of those who pose a threat to the monarchy; even if it means arresting your own family members. The recent saudi arrests seems like a rough steer to the way Saudi’s are gonna be ruled for good.

Rumor has it that the arrests are an attempt to generate a Salman royal coup; because why else would there be a sweeping crackdown of the Saud family line? Is this more about consolidating power rather than purging corruption?

The major change that sent shock waves across the region was when King Salman ousted the rightful heir, Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, and appointed his own son Mohamed Bin Salman to be his successor to the throne.

Breaking a 90-decade old brother-to-brother tradition and succession system.

Some claim that this might be the beginning of a civil war.

Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, Saudi’s biggest tycoon and grandson of the first King of Saudi Arabia, was among those arrested yesterday on charges of corruption and bribery. Let’s not forget that Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal – is also the biggest influencer in the region’s media since its start.

Another media tycoon, Waleed bin Ibrahim, Founder of MBC was also arrested. Saleh Kamel of ART was also among the names of the detainees. Top security official Prince Miteb bin Abdullah who was tasked of protecting the Saud family was arrested; this resulted in more control over security institutions. Former Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Assaf was detained, further transferring control of any government finances, economic policy and financial regulation to the royal family.

All Saudi princes are claimed to be currently being detained in the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh.

With the senior military officers being stripped off their duties, and with the country’s highest-level royals being robbed from power, we can only ask ourselves what is left of Saudi Arabia’s future. Is this a ruse to deviate the public from the real reason behind this political purge?

How will this play out? What are the real motives? We know for sure that things were carefully calculated before the royal family decided to publicly humiliate its members.

We are only wondering why the King and the Crown Prince are creating rivals instead of forging alliances. The Crown Prince might want to be able to push his controversial agenda, and break all conservative traditions without having to worry about any possible oppositions. Is the Crown Prince seeking power or is he actually fighting corruption? Questions only the coming few weeks may have answers to!