Burak Özdemir

We’re pretty sure that just like ours, your timelines are also bombarded with Burak Özdemir’s cooking videos. And if you’re unfortunate enough not to know anything about the famous Turkish chef, let us fill you in!

Who is he?

Özdemir is a Turkish chef from Syrian origins who is widely popular among the internet population. And that mainly goes back to the videos he posts on his social media platforms as well as YouTube, where he’s usually cooking up a special meal.

The chef has a very eye-catching style. Because he usually cooks a great amount of food in huge containers and cuts up his ingredients in a rather ‘unique‘ way.

However, he always has the creepiest smile in the world on his face. And as much as it’s clear that he’s only trying to have a smile on his face while he’s cooking, people still can’t help but feel that the man has a serial killer smile. (And they’re kidding, by the way!)

The Memes

People have started replying to and retweeting his videos with really funny comments. Some of which did not just point out the ‘creepy‘ smile, but also the fact that Özdemir is obsessed with stuffing anything that he sees.

Burak Özdemir Burak Özdemir Burak Özdemir

Since most of his cooking videos show him stuffing chickens, ducks, leaves…etc. And that’s pretty much where the viral joke started.

No more smiles?

A couple of days ago, another viral video of the chef’s grabbed so much attention. But this time, it wasn’t for the stuffing nor was it for the strange smile. In that video, Özdemir was basically cutting up some lettuce as he had a grumpy look on his face – or stare if you want to call it that . And that’s a first!

This made people start a series of funny comments and huge meme-like interactions. Different theories have also started to take place. From those who think he’s just doing that as a sort of a comeback joke to those who pointed out his ‘creepy’ smile; to those who are saying he’s just not happy when he’s cutting up lettuce as much as he is when it’s a duck, for example.

Burak ÖzdemirBurak ÖzdemirBurak ÖzdemirBurak ÖzdemirBurak ÖzdemirBurak Özdemir

However, he posted the video with an even more funny tweet that settled the debate: “Do you think this is more beautiful?“. So, yeah, he too was making a joke to people about his creepy smile!

There you have it! That’s basically the full online story of the viral Turkish Chef Burak Özdemir. We’re loving the funny interactions between the talented man and his followers; don’t you? (And well, we love his videos too!)