Youssef and Seif ElDeeb

With everything that’s happening in the world around us, many of us find the same thoughts going through their minds, especially with the self-quarantine situation we all found ourselves stuck in – not too long ago.

However, we just realized that nobody is having it harder nowadays than the 2000s kids who were born to witness two revolutions, a number of curfews and now the Coronavirus.

And those were the actual hilarious words of two brothers who were born in 2007 in a now-viral Facebook video.

Youssef and Seif ElDeeb explained in their video how they’re grateful that schools have now shut down. But also, how they’ve spent a huge portion of their lives between four walls because of all the events that went on between 2011 and 2014.

Not to mention how they’re also now – obviously – stuck at home, yet again.

They’ve also added that instead of watching cartoons, for example, they were stuck watching political TV shows like Tamer Amin’s, back in the first portion of the 2010s.

And while their father always told them stories about how things were when he was a kid and all the fun times he witnessed as a young man; they’re actually worried about what they’re going to one day, tell their own kids how they’ve spent their early years.

Not long after the video was posted, people started commenting and sharing because they agreed with the hilarious points made by the two kids.

And honestly, we all needed a little something to cheer us up during these quarantine times. Didn’t we?

Well, to Youssef and Seif and all the 2000s kids; hold on, we’re in this together. And we promise you, it’ll pass as long as we follow the rules and stay safe and healthy!