The 5 Best Movies When Mahmoud Yassin Gets Cheated On!

Here’s something totally new and original — Mahmoud Yassin gets treated like absolute dirt in movies. We’re sure that if you’ve seen any of his films (save for Afwah w Araneb), you’d know that.

If he’s not getting sued or blackmailed in some form, the man is getting cheated on horribly. Actually, Mahmoud Yassin has been cheated on in so many movies, it’s hard to actually down all the movies where he’s betrayed.

But you know what? We had enough time to count them. And not just that; we’ve also picked out the best of the best movies where Mahmoud Yassin gets cheated on for your reading pleasure!

7ob Wa Kebreya

An essential in the Mahmoud Yassin dictionary, 7ob W Kebreya is only one of his many movies with Naglaa Fathy where the relationship is so troubled, it might physically hurt you to watch!

See, this is how it is. Zizi and her original boyfriend Adel (Hussein Fahmy) break up and so she pretends like Mahmoud Yassin is her boyfriend to save face and they get married. Some events happen and Zizi ends up cheating/pre-cheating with her ex. But don’t worry, the ending is rather happy.

W La Yazal El-Ta7qiq Mostameran

This little gem portrays Mahmoud Yassin in the best light yet. In this, he’s a morally upright teacher who is married to a woman who doesn’t really like him. Mix that in with a twisted, jealous old childhood friend (Mahmoud Abdelaziz) and you got a recipe for disaster.

Because of all of that, the movie is intense and exciting and full of twists and turns. And this all goes without mentioning the suspenseful end to this chase.

El-Galsa El-Sereya

Yes, Mahmoud Yassin also got (spoilers) cheated on by Yousra too! And before you ask, yes, his best friend in the movie is also involved but El-Galsa El-Sereya is more than just cheating. It’s basically watching Mahmoud Yassin’s reality crumble all around him.

3asr El-7ob

Okay, so this one is a little different. In this movie, Mahmoud Yassin only thinks he’s getting cheated on. But in her defense, his wife was only there for other reasons.

Sure, there is a little cheating/incident-related murder in the movie, but it’s still a generally okay-ish ending.


Get ready for the cheating version of inception everyone! Co-starring with Naglaa Fathy again, Mahmoud Yassin starts off this movie married….except that he cheats on his wife with Naglaa Fathy who in turn kind of contemplates a little bit of cheating of her own and gets engaged to someone else.

Yeah. We told you it’s wild but that’s not even half the movie!

And now you notice the pattern too. You’re welcome!