Oscars 2020 Worst Dressed

Even though we’ve been dazzled by some dresses and struck in awe by others, this list just had to be done. Though all people featured on this list are greats in their own fields, not everyone has the best luck when it comes to stylists. Sadly, it shows.

Better luck next year, we hope. And the Anti-Oscars for the Worst Dressed goes to many, many people.

Laura Dern

Laura Dern won the public’s admiration and an Oscar for her role in Marriage Story, but one thing she didn’t win was the red carpet.

The dress, although not intrinsically off-putting, could have done with a few simple tweaks but maybe Dern’s stylist will take a few notes from this event.

Margot Robbie

A popular Twitter thread once made a compilation of Margot Robbie’s red carpet looks titled ‘Margot Robbie’s Stylist Hates Her’ and honestly, with this number we can see why.

Margot Robbie is stunning and could pull off anything (we’ve all seen the movies, hello?) but for some reason, the go-to red carpet look is outdated, ill-fitting, and somehow redundant all at once.

Kristen Wiig

Let’s go back to a favorite old saying: a picture says a thousand words. So have we with that last sentence. Moving on.

Kelly Marie Tran

Kelly Marie Tran was unfortunate to have her part cut out of the last Star Wars movie and her miseries keep piling up because for some reason, whoever dressed her thought an extended torso was the look to go to.

Rooney Mara

Too much is going on with this dress and we’re not going to tackle it all. We already know Rooney Mara can pull off anything — even if it’s an odd hybrid of Victorian and post-Steampunk fashion.

Sandra Oh

Again, with a few simple tweaks, Sandra Oh could have easily made it to the best dressed list. Some of the pieces on the dress could have been done without, honestly.

Caitriona Balfe

There are 2 different dresses happening here and we’re not sure they mesh together or should mesh together even if opportunity arises.

Special Suit Mention: Timothée Chalamet

If this were the 80’s, maybe this odd little number could have slipped by unnoticed. But this isn’t the 80’s and it’s certainly no fashion comeback, so we definitely did notice. For future reference, maybe Timothée can avoid suit-tracksuit hybrids.

Special Suit Mention: Diane Warren

Well, it’s a power move, if we’re being honest. Just not for us and many others.

Better luck next year.