Overthinking is a nasty habit that only the truly unfortunate of us have to struggle with! It literally eats our brains and leaves us both physically and emotionally exhausted. If you ask an overthinker what their mind is like, they’ll probably tell you that it’s a maze. It’s like having 40 tabs open on your browser, and being fully involved in the 40 of them at the same time. So to all of you desperate overthinkers out there, we know what you’re going through and we got you!

You feel like you’re nowhere near where you want to be

No matter what you accomplish in life, you always feel like you can do more. You feel like whatever you have is not enough. I keep hearing people telling me that they thought they’d be doing better by now. When in fact they have really good things going for them, which makes you wonder, what does now mean to an overthinker? The time frame they set for themselves is just exhausting and unrealistic.

You start to question whether you’re living your life fully enough

If you’re doing great academically, you start to think about your social life. If you’re doing great in both, you start to shift your focus to your physique. You simply can never win with yourself, when it’s really simple! You’re living your life fully when you do what you love.

If the people around you love you and are pleased with you or not

This is a nasty one, and it’s self-destructive. The truth is, you can never make EVERYONE like you, but you still try anyway. You keep questioning the love your friends have for you, and the love of strangers too! Stop worrying already. If they don’t like you, that reflects on them, not you!

You overthink the past like your life depends on it!

You know how some would say that the past is in the past? Yes, that’s right. You don’t know, but it truly is! So get over it. Stop worrying about the last conversation you had with a loved one. What’s done is done! You said it! No, you couldn’t have said it in a better way, because YOU ALREADY DID SAY IT!

The worst case scenario

You just sent out a text or submitted a project, and your mind is a jungle! You’re overthinking every little detail and you keep imagining the worst things that could possibly happen. Just chill; all the scenarios you made up in your mind are probably never going to happen. Rest this little mind of yours!

If you’re going to live the rest of your life alone

Let’s just say life hasn’t been working out for you so well lately. You’ve made a habit of going about your life alone and you’ve gotten so good it, but that doesn’t stop you from thinking about how your future life is going to be like. You wonder if you’re ever going to find the perfect love, or if you’re going to spend the rest of your life alone!

You overthink the fact that you overthink everything!

Instead of shutting your brain off and not thinking about whatever it is that’s going in your life, you start to think of the fact that you overthink everything you do! It’s an endless loop and there is just no escaping it!

Dear overthinker, we know your mind is a war zone. But in all honesty, you’ve been doing great!