It seems that no matter how hard feminists fight for equality, there are still people who associate this dirty “f” word with feminazism babbling that is very out of fashion. We’re not angry man-haters, we just want to stop being limited based on the gender we were born with, is that too much to ask? In addition to fighting this inaccurate stereotype, we’re battling hard to confront all forms of sexism we encounter on a daily basis; the last thing we need is anyone telling us any of the following aggravating statements:


1.”3ashan Enti Bent”

Tell us you hate us, tell us we’re ugly, tell us you want to skin us alive and put our flesh on fire, but please don’t say THIS. There’s nothing more exasperating than making us feel our gender is a deformity.

2.”Oh, You’re One Of Them”

Nothing puts a smile on our face more than the assumptions feminists are secretly a tribe of male-killing, lesbian witchcraft-practising, penis-envying bitter cat-ladies. Feminism definitely advocates for all these practices! They’re onto us!!!

3.”Guys Don’t Like It When Girls..”

*Insert whatever slut-shaming, fat-shaming, completely insignificant action here* and voila, you’ve got the perfect handbook for who you should absolutely be as a person, to impress guys, of course!

4.”I’m Not A Feminist Because Sexism Never Really Directly Affected Me”

Which, by the way, sounds EXACTLY like saying you’re okay with the holocaust because Hitler’s actions never directly affected you.

5.”I’m Not A Feminist Because I Don’t Hate Men.”

Why is it so difficult to get people to understand the term ‘equality’ nowadays? Buy a dictionary.

6.”Fokek Men Gaw 7e2oo2 El Mar2a Dah And Do Something Useful”

Because watching a movie, or going to the club with my friends is faaaar more crucial and pivotal to my life than my attachment to the idea that females are human too! How ridiculously shallow of me!

7.”If Feminism Is About Equality Between Genders, Why Is It Called Feminism, Not Including Males In Its Title?”

Why is our existence cited to as mankind? Why doesn’t the fight against racism stand for white people more than other ethnic minorities? Why don’t poor people donate money to rich people instead of the other way around? Is that seriously all you’ve got?!