By: Sara Mahmoud Mohamed

Since its very first cover, which featured half Palestinian supermodel Gigi Hadid, Vogue Arabia has been creating controversies. The audience were not too pleased with their choice, as they expected Vogue Arabia’s first cover to feature an Arab face!

The November issue also features Rihanna dressed as Queen Nefertiti, as she pays homage to the queen.

Not all social media users are satisfied with the cover as some are accusing the magazine of cultural appropriation and mixing between Africans and black people, wondering why the magazine didn’t choose an Egyptian face for instance.

Vogue Arabia’s Editor- in- Chief Manuel Arnaut wrote in the editor’s letter, “We are dedicating the issue to strong and dynamic women who are changing the world. Rihanna, our cover star, is one of them. Not only is she one of the most successful pop icons ever, shaping the entertainment industry with her powerful tunes and unique sense of style, she is also an advocate for diversity.

The pop star, who is known for her admiration for Queen Nefertiti that she even has her face tattooed on her body, appeared on the cover wearing a Gucci coat and a stunning Pharaonic headpiece.

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