By Yara Lofty 

Breakups hurt and that’s a universal truth. There will be times when you’ll cry your heart out, and times when you’ll just want to chill and get out of your own drama.

Movies are known to be therapeutic in different occasions – breakups are no exception. Therefore, we picked for you 6 movies that will aid you no matter where you stand in your post-breakup progress. 

Here are the top ones that will help you get back up on your feet:

1- Bridesmaids

If this isn’t your perfect breakup movie, we don’t know what is. After Kristen Wiig loses her relationship, her freedom, her business, and her best friend, she finds that spending time with her best friends helps with getting over her ex. Talk about girl power!

2- Legally Blonde

This is what we call a movie for every occasion. After Elle Woods gets dumped, she gets revenge by just meeting her goals, boosting her confidence, exploring life, and becoming legally blonde.

Elle Woods is your new inspiration. Be like Elle Woods!

3- John Tucker Must Die

In case you wanted to seek true revenge, here’s a guideline by three women who discovered they are dating the same man. The 3 ex-girlfriends united to break him for what he did. And while you’re at it, we promise you’ll have a good laugh!

4- Eat, Pray, Love

Julia Roberts is just an example of how to get over your breakup by traveling the world and having overdose pizza. In case you can’t travel at the moment, you can still dial the nearest pizza restaurant and make an order, right?

5- Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jason Segel finds it hard to get over his famous girlfriend Kristen Bell. Throughout the movie, he tries everything he can just to get her back, before finally realizing that they were never meant to be together. And how did he realize that? Two words: Mila Kunis. Just take a look around you, you might find the real soulmate right next to you.

6- La La Land

In the City of Stars, our love birds fell in love while pursuing their dreams. They kept supporting each other until their careers decided to pull them apart. La La Land gives us a lesson on how relationships help us grow and achieve what we want, even if they didn’t last forever.

These movies will help you pick yourself up and move on from your recent breakup. We hope you feel better after watching them, but if you don’t- there is always chocolate and pizza.