If you’re like everyone else this Ramadan, hooked to those mesmerizing Ramadan TV drama series and can’t manage to find the time to keep up, then this article is for you. We’re wrapping up the month with the most watched series on YouTube in numbers, so you can prioritize which ones are worth the hassle or even catch up with others after the holy month concludes!

Here is the list we’ve all been waiting for:

1. Kalabsh (Amir Karrara):

So far, it’s on top with 68 Million views.

2. Kafr Delhab (Youssef El Sherief):

 Still ahead of the game with 64 Million.

3. Fel Lala Land (Donia Samir Ghanem):

Leading with 60 Million.

4. Al Zeibak ( Karim Abd Al Aziz):

Big number right there at 33 Million.

5. Taket el Kadr ( Hamada Helal):

Fifth in line with 32 Million.

6. El Herbaya (Haifaa):

Herbaya for sure with 31 Million.

7. Harbana Menha (Yasmine Abd el Aziz):

Sustaining at 25 Million.

8. Khalsana Beyshyaka (Ahmed Mekki):

Ahmed Mekki no doubt on the list with 24 Million.

9. Taket Nour (Hany Salama):

You probably already know, it’s on with 20 Million.

10. Rayah el Madame (Ahmed Fahmy): 

Fairly made it on the top 10 for 19 Million.

Now that we’ve wrapped it up all for you, we hope you get hold of your comfy couch and tell us if these series are worth attracting all those numbers or not!