Have you interrupted your diet with a juicy burger and your guilt is ripping your intestines apart? Relax and kill that guilt with exercise. But for how long should you exercise to burn that 700 calories burger? Below is the guide to common junk foods and the exercise time required to burn them down.


A bag of chips: 12 minutes of high speed rope jumping, or jogging for 30 minutes will be sufficient to burn down that 160 calories bag.


A krispy kreme donut: Each glazed donut contains about 190 calories. In order to burn them down, you need to jog for about 3.4 kilometers.


A slice of Pepperoni Pizza: One slice of pepperoni pizza holds almost 380 calories, talking large size here. Burning those calories requires biking for 30 minutes with constant high force on the pedal.


A red-velvet cupcake: That 250 calories beast requires jogging for an hour. However, it’s totally worth it.


A big mac from McDonalds: Can you believe it gives you 700 calories alone? 70 minutes of running on a high slope would do the job; how simple is that?


A large fries from McDonalds: Those delicious, pleasure-enforcing 500 calories producers require 7.7 kilometers of jogging in order to burn them. Start now!


A blueberry muffin: Muffins are essential, and a blueberry one gives you almost 300 calories. Twenty-five minutes of good jogging would do the job.


A 330ml Coca Cola can: Sugary sodas in that size contain around 140 calories. One can makes you run for 13 minutes to burn.



Feeling guilty after breaking your diet is a good signal that your conscious is still alive. If you do not feel guilty, however, that is also a good signal that you have a perfect body!