As there are some guys any girl needs to stay away from, there are also girls any guy ought to steer clear from. For your own mental and psychological well being, take those point into consideration. I’m telling you, as a girl, we have the capabilities of making a truly sane man, go nuts in no time.

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1. Miss Stubborn

When getting into a relationship with this one, know that you will be pouring your heart and mind out to try to convince her that what she’s saying doesn’t make sense. And be ready to accept that she might not agree with you, not now, not ever!

2. Miss Never Grateful

Whatever you do, she is not satisfied. No matter how big the gesture is, she will never say thank you and actually mean it. To be honest, she might not appreciate your existence either, how are you asking her to appreciate what you do for her. She just needs a sugar daddy, and maybe he too won’t be enough.

3. Miss Big Mouth

It’s not that you won’t have a private life, but everyone will know what you did last night after you were done pooping the Chinese food you had for lunch. And when it comes to arguments, believe me she will be taking screen shots to ask her girlfriends for advice. They are updated every second to figure what kind of looks to give you the next time they meet you. And you will always hear “bas ana lama 7aket l mama she said…”

4. Miss Fake

Meet Donia Samir Ghanem in Teer Enta “enta bgd gamed habal” or if she doesn’t do this, it’s probably worse. She might meet your mom or family and be extremely nice and the second she walks out, she pulls out her phone to tell her mom or friends how bored she was. You will never get to know how she truly feels about anything or anyone, not even you!  

5. Miss Over Jealous

Unlike guys, she doesn’t only get jealous of other girls but also of your guy friends. If you spent 3 hours with your guy friends, you better spend 4 with her; 3 telling her exactly what you did and who won every game of PlayStation, and the hour left arguing about how neglected she feels that you’d rather go out with your friends than spend time with her.

6. Miss “E3raf Lwa7dak”

Welcome to the nakad life! You will alway have to guess EVERYTHING. The words you will hear all the time are “mafish”, “malish”,”e3raf lwa7dak”, and the most annoying of them all “manta law mohtam kont 3reft”. Seriously? Woman chill, there’s is a reason God created you with a mouth and tongue, and this is to actually express yourself. I’m telling you, you will have to guess what you did when you looked at her in the car saying absolutely nothing, and then picked the phone without telling her what it was about. I don’t even know what the hell I just wrote!

7. Miss Bitchy

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Bitchy face, bitchy woman, bitchy life. She is high maintenance. She’s all of the above in one! And I need not to speak or explain, you will know her when you see her!

Never say I never warned you guys. Take it from a girl who probably falls under one of those categories. IT’S NOT FUN; IT’S NOT EASY!