You may not know the true purpose of a lot of everyday items we constantly use. But the best thing is that these little unnoticed features are actually life hacks that we should totally take advantage of. This time, curiosity does not kill the cat and we are here to relieve you of all your unanswered questions.


That Extra Scrap of Cloth

You would usually find these extra materials when you buy new pants or shirts, and they look like a sample of your clothing. No, these patches are not supposed to be sewed into your outfit. They are samples that should be washed with powder or bleach to see if it’ll shrink or change colors. Just like a test trial before you can use the detergents on your actual clothing.


Cedar Hangers

You might not think hangers are all that important, but this specific type is commonly used to protect clothing from insects and absorb bad odors. They not only last longer, but they also preserve the shape of your garment.


Pasta Spoon

They call it the pasta spoon for a reason! The hole in the spoon is used to measure out one serving of spaghetti. So the next time you have guests coming over, you will know how much spaghetti you would need.


Knife Blades

You might be wondering why your blade has lines across the knife. Well that’s because whenever the top part becomes dull, you can easily break it off and make room for the sharper one underneath.


Gas Icon

For all those who aren’t familiar with the little details in your car, you can notice a little arrow in your gas icon pointing to a right or left direction. That is where your tank is supposed to be. So the next time you go to a gas station, take a look at your arrow before choosing a lane.


Straw Holder

The larger hole of the tab on top of your soda can has a purpose my friend, and it really wasn’t a coincidence. Just like the picture shows, it is a straw holder, especially made so you could enjoy your drink without having a wiggly straw.


Now that you know the real beneficial purpose of these items, it is time to put them to good use!