10 ways to uplift your lifestyle with iApartments

Living in the concrete jungle that’s called Cairo might be a little bit draining for the free souls. With a set routine for us to follow, we lose our free will; even when it comes to our lifestyle and living environment. Mountain View introduced the i-Apartments as a part of their i-City project to break the cycle and uplift your lifestyle.

The i-Apartments give customers the option to customize almost everything in their apartment according to their needs and their lifestyle. Instead of adapting to your living situation, you can now have control over everything in your living situation and you won’t need to compromise and finally live your life to its full potential.

Don’t believe us? Here are 10 ways you can literally change your life by just living in the i-Apartment!


1. You can live your life in 4D

The i-City project is built with a 4D concept, which separates the compound to four different layers; one for the island, one for the cornice, one for the cars, and the last one for the parks.

2. You won’t need to change your job & lose friends because you live on the other side of the world

Mountain View is available in the East, and West of Cairo. With one the first Mountain View project opening in New Cairo, it automatically excluded many from moving there or had to force them to compromise in order to move. Mountian View decided to open on the other side, and opened their new project in 6th of October so their residents don’t get to make any compromises.

3. You won’t need to break your bank account to afford an apartment

Since the i-Villa might not be the best financial option for newlyweds and the youngsters, Mountain View introduced the concept of the i-Apartment with very competitive prices so everyone can get to live the Mountain View life! Moreover, Mountain View offers attractive payment plans which reach up to 10 years, with zero compromises on choice, customization, and all your aspirations.

4. You can have kids, but not worry 24/7 about their safety

The whole concept of i-City is based on the safety of the residents, starting with the kids. Most parents get to worry about the safety of their kids; from walking on the streets around cars, or even giving them the option of being in the streets. Thanks to the 4D concept, your kids can walk freely in the streets and not worry about getting hit by a car, or even getting lost. And let’s be honest, we, as adults, still have mini panic attacks when crossing the streets. It’s a win-win situation for all.

5. Your house, your rules

The i-Apartment don’t just give you an apartment with a set number of rooms and you get to adjust accordingly, but rather you can literally set it exactly the way you want it. You can have your own customization to the bedrooms, bathrooms, luxury items, housekeepers’ quarters & in-house laundry room and much more.


6. You can sleep at night without worrying about your safety

Mountain View provides its residents with full security at all times. The security and amenities incorporate private access to the building, a luxurious entrance and in addition attendant services, garbage chute systems, smart firefighting systems, and 24/7 surveillance cameras.

7. You can pick your own view!

We’ve all been traumatized by waking up to the wonderful view of our lovely neighbor in his “fanela” having his shisha in the balcony. With the i-Apartment, you won’t just get to avoid that, but you’ll get to pick a view from their various options. You can either have a 360 view, Park view, Park front, court view, based on your preference.

8. You have a life outside your 4 walls

With the i-Apartments, your apartment isn’t just what’s inside the walls; you can also pick an outdoor extension. You get to pick between a garden, roof, or terrace. So whether you have a green thumb, enjoy roof BBQs, or just having your coffee on the terrace, they got you covered.

9. You can develop new hobbies and get involved with new activities

With the 4D model we mentioned earlier, you can get the chance to go for a jog every morning, walk your dog, have a picnic in the park, or even meditate on one of the lakes. Whatever you want to do to zone out, you have the option for it.

10. Your car is safe and you can drive without any hassle

Can you imagine a life without a sayes? Driving without worrying that someone will crash your car? Not worry if the bawab saved you a parking spot or not? You can live your life without any of these worries with the iDrive layer; a smart access to residents’ exclusive areas or Microchip fast track access through automatic gates which means the minimum time from gate to home.