Egyptian Couples
source: Awqat Faragh

No one hates love. You can say all you want about this sentence, but deep down, we know it. Why hate a perfectly good emotion when it’s not doing you any harm?

Some people try their best, though. Case in point, this recent Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello photo.

Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello

Some found it cute, but others didn’t and found every way to voice their opinion.



Actually, we might have a few reasons to dislike love sometimes. About half of them are the couples, yes, but it’s usually for reasons that irritate us far more than the photo above.

9 AM Breakfast Dates in McDonald’s

It’s a well-known urban legend that if you go to McDonald’s (or even Dunkin Donuts) at 9 AM, you will find about a hundred different couples filling up all the tables. You might even find them there earlier than this odd hour.

Raya wi Sekeena

We might never know why this phenomenon happens on the daily, but we sure do know that it’s pretty awkward when you’re accidentally eavesdropping on private conversations over your hash-browns.

The Infamous Car Fights

When we were kids, we honestly thought this was something the movies invented.

You know, those scenes where the two main characters are speeding up in the car and then one of them starts a fight. The kind of fight that usually has sentences like “I don’t care if we die“. Yeah.

awqat fara3'

We really have nothing to say here except that the beauty of life is you can fight almost anywhere, any time. Just don’t do it where you might cause tragedy.

Copy-Pasting Entire Relationships Off Movie Scripts

Speaking of the car fights, another problem that’s plaguing Egyptian relationships is that we allow entertainment to affect us more than anything else. Yes, life imitates art but then again, there’s a bit of a limit.

basha telmeez gif

All relationships should be allowed to take time to grow. Don’t rush them into weddings and “big talks with family” just because that one Rom-Com from 2001 told you it was time to tie the knot.

Too Much “Goals” Bragging

So, you’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and you’re not too upset. You’re seeing quality memes and you’re reading jokes and life is good. Then, you see it.

ma5tooba meme

These “my boyfriend/my fiance/my husband” posts cause us pain just thinking about them. It’s honestly a little too much. We’re all for being proud of your relationship and being happy and glowing, but sometimes we just don’t need to know.

Yes, posting a sweet text you got is cute the first time. The seventeenth hundred, though, just means there’s something to prove.

Broadcasting Your Relationship Online

This point may seem similar to the one above but, trust us, it really isn’t. See, before we’re talking about goals, but now, we’re going for the total opposite.

See, you’re still on your social media check-up run and you were just done rolling your eyes at how everyone should “have a man like Ahmed“. Now, you’re checking out a story that has sad music playing over a car window.


So now, you know whoever this person is, they’re fighting with their significant other. Because you always know when these things happen. You don’t even have to look deep into things, there’s always someone sending “subliminal messages” to someone else.

We’re all for healthy expression, but don’t turn it into a soap opera. It’s your life, not 90210.

To repeat, we’re not against love. The lovers, though, are another story.