With Season 4 of our favorite Spanish series out now, everyone wants to lay their hands on any news, gossip or trivia they can find about the gang with city names. That’s why we’ve compiled some pretty cool facts about La Casa De Papel just for you!

#1 Tokio

Tokio stands out from any other character in the show. Want to know why? Because her character was inspired by Natalie Portman’s Mathilda in Leon: The Professional (1994)!

#2 Dali

We all know that the gang’s mask is inspired by the Spanish Surrealist painter Salvador Dali. But did you ever wonder why? Because Dali advocated for confusion, wild imagination and disorder; just what the heist is all about!

#3 Raquel

When inspector Raquel Murillo contacted the robbers, she always put a pen in her hair, in a direct reference to Violet Baudelaire from “A Series of Unfortunate Events”.

#4 Bank Of Spain

For seasons 3 and 4, the Bank of Spain never allowed the production team to enter the real bank and replicate it and it was mostly done out of their own imagination!

#5 Rio

Rio is the youngest in the group at the age of 19 in the first season. Just like the real actor who started the series at age 20!

#6 Bella Ciao

The series’ theme song with the lyrics “Unna Mattina Mi Sono Alzato“, written in the credits of Season 3, is a revolutionary folk song from the Italian resistance culture against Mussolini!

7# Denver

His “trashy laugh” was written to be his significant feature and was even scripted before Jaime Lorente took the part!

8# Netflix

Season one of the show was a total failure in Spain. It was even about to be canceled before Netflix picked it up and it started to catch on. Like the professor’s famous saying “failure was never an option”, huh?

We love it even more now. Do you?