A mother is not just a title, it is a role, a mission and a sacrifice. Therefore, Mother’s Day is not just about mothers, it is about whoever takes on that hard mission, plays that intricate role, and gives that life-altering sacrifice.

While it is mostly always the mothers who do so, sometimes, other people rise to the occasion and play the “motherly role” better than the actual mother.

And on this Mother’s Day, we decided that other than just celebrating the mothers, we celebrate every “honorary mother” in our lives. Whether a man or a woman, a relative or not.

Here are just SOME of the people we need to thank and celebrate this Mother’s Day:

The Single Father

In other words; the HERO! Not a hero because he is a “man who does mother stuff”, but because he is one PERSON who does the job of two people. Because of whatever reason that caused the mother to be out of her children’s life, the father is left facing a very, VERY difficult challenge. Raising his children alone and trying his hardest to be both dad and mom to his kids.

It is an honorable mission which the right father will take on with utmost grace, and for that he deserves a “Happy Mother’s Day” from all of us not just his children.

The Big Sister

In most cases, a big sister plays the the motherly role to their younger siblings, especially if the age difference is big. It always starts with helping the mother, but somewhere along the way, the big sister starts treating her little brothers and sisters as her own children and cares for every detail in their lives, just like a mother would.


So it only makes sense for her to receive equal love and appreciation on Mother’s Day.

The Big Brother

I know it is not traditional for a brother to play a motherly role. But guys can be caring and affectionate too. You’d be surprised by how many guys step up and offer their younger siblings the love and care that they need, especially when the mother is out of the picture and there is no older sister.

They don’t necessarily know how to play that role but they learn for their brothers and sisters, don’t you think that earns them a “Happy Mother’s Day” from us?

The Stepmom

I know what you are thinking; ‘Stepmoms are the she-devils.’ But that’s the case in Disney movies, not necessarily, real life!

There are countless cases where the stepmoms play a better motherly role in the children’s lives than their actual birth moms. Just like there are cases where birth moms play no role at all.

There is no rule that dictates that a stepmom is evil and or incapable of loving her stepchildren. Just like there is no reason not celebrate her on Mother’s Day for everything that she does.

The Best Friend

Not every best friend, of course. But some best friends play in our lives a role bigger than friendships. You know that wise friend who mentors you through your life and treats you as her daughter or son.


If you have that “friend”, then she is probably a major pillar in your life that keeps everything in order. Doesn’t that earn her a little extra appreciation on Mother’s Day?

The Aunt

In a lot of cases, aunts love their nieces and nephews so much that they treat them as their own children. Especially if the mother is for some reason occupied or out the picture altogether. That’s when aunts usually rise to the occasion and try their hardest to fill the mother’s void in her children’s lives.

In is not an easy job but she does it and for that she deserves applause and appreciation every day, including Mother’s Day.

The Boss

Yes, the boss. And no, not with the purpose of sucking up.

Some bosses play the role of a mentor and a guider in their employees’ lives. And not just in the work context, in their personal lives too. They take them under their wings, and offer them everything they have got from professional and life experiences.

And for that major role they play in their employees’ lives, they deserve to be viewed as more than just bosses, and maybe even celebrated on an occasion such as Mother’s Day.

If you have one of these heroes in your life, of just know of one of them, make sure you take the time this Mother’s Day to thank them and show them that you appreciate everything they are doing.

They’ve earned it.