Being a perfectionist is a gift and a curse. On the one hand, you’re a master of the art of perfection. On the other hand, you’re engrossed with all the little details. You are burdened by your own critical self that is satisfied with no less than flawless perfection. It’s a hard life being a perfectionist, but without you, the world would be a little less precise than it already is.

So here are a few things all perfectionists understand:

1- Detail is everything

“God is in the details”; it’s not just a saying. Everything we do is thorough and accurate. Details matter to us A LOT, and we make sure everyone knows it!julie-andrews-gif-julie-andrews-21293627-280-211

2- Competition is our middle name

It’s no secret; we like to prove that we can do things better than most. Our keen eye for the little details helps us rise above the masses. If only we didn’t spend 3 hours on choosing the right font.tumblr_nwok0qdrpg1ujcvduo1_500

3- We prefer doing tasks ourselves

Delegation is not our favourite thing in the world. We prefer to go about tasks on our own because no one can ever really perform things with the precision we do. Which is why teamwork feels like a punishment to us.images

4- We over-see everything!!!!

If on the off chance we end up working in a team with other people, we will check on everything the team is doing. We will be the master overseer. Our eyes will look over every mistake, scrutinise every flaw and make sure everything is in tip-top shape.ezgif-3015735594

5- Being self-critical is second nature

Perfectionists are never satisfied, because they feel like a bad piece of work is a reflection on themselves. If that’s not enough, they constantly try to maintain a perfect image. So this perfectionism translates not only to their work, but to who they are as a person as well!635930771588650448-1658343980_perfect-1

6- Taking criticism from others is painful

Just imagine you spent weeks working painstakingly on a project that no one knows more about than you. And then someone comes along and points out a mistake that you’ve made. And all this happens after your tireless nights spent working on it. After all this?! It’s no wonder we’re really bad at taking criticism.200_s3

7- It’s more of a burden than you think!

Striving for perfection means that whatever you do, your work might not ever be complete. You will always seek what is better than what you have now, and it’s definitely tiring having to do that.tumblr_numu39czzc1sj8kwjo1_500

Perfectionists of the world! We salute you for your tireless work and your detail-oriented vision.