Let’s all face it, girls do have a weird relationship with their best friends. We do certain acts that, when you think about them objectively, are very weird. Here I am trying to make sense to this world of ours and maybe you all do relate as well.

Here are 7 times we acted weirdly and we actually enjoyed it.

#1: Going to the bathroom in packs just because one of us wanted to pee

We don’t actually have an explanation for this. If my friends want to pee then it is an automatic group bathroom trip. Maybe once I reach the bathroom I’d need to pee as well. Why would we miss out on the bathroom talk?

#2: Calling her right after a party/wedding to explain all the details

Gossiping over those details is just one of the things that we do unconsciously. Details can go from how the bride’s dress was beautiful to how there were too many potential candidates for marriage. Even though we won’t actually ever come across these guys, but still we keep this as a lively part of the conversation.

#3: Checking her a** out to see whether the squats have been paying off or not

This is the basis of our friendship. We check each other’s a**es to see whether squats are really working out or not. Because what if I’ve been squatting for a month and nothing is actually changing?

#4: Stalking her crush, his family and friends on all social media platforms

It is the challenge that we love most, which is: who will get the maximum amount of information in the shortest time possible. There is always this one person that is secretly working with the FBI who manages to get all the important details with proof in no time.

#5: Hating her other new friends, because she is MY best friend

Jealousy makes a huge part of our relationship and we don’t even know why. We admit that it is weird sometimes because who gets jealous of his best friend’s new friends? But yes we do. So we need to act extra cautious when it is the case.

#6: Wherever you go, I go because we are just like twins

This doesn’t only include bathrooms, but it also includes every other thing. So if I am traveling, odds are that my best friend is with me are very high. If I am planning to be part of a new sports program, then guess who my partner is? Yes, you guessed it right! El taw2am el moltaseq much!

#7: Hating each other’s exs because they deserve it

Even if my bestie is the one who left him, definitely she did it for a reason and this guy needs to be doomed for eternity. No way in hell we’d be friends with this dude because come on, if you made her cry then hell is your new home.

Yes, I admit we are a bit weird. Do you have anything else to add to this weird list?