While watching the movie “Mother’s Day”, I started wondering about the different types of mothers who are featured in there, and since the daughters were also a big part of the movie, I couldn’t help but contemplate all the unique types of mother-daughter relationships. From the mother and daughter who share even their deepest secrets, to the ones who barely talk, this relationship is so complex and diverse that it had to be analyzed in an article. 

So here are 7 types of mother-daughter relationships: 

1. The Role Reversal 

This is one of the funniest ever. In this relationship the mother plays the role of the daughter, and vice versa. In here the daughter is the responsible one who makes the big decisions, the one who’s at the helm of things, while the mother, with her youthful heart, struggles if she takes a step without first consulting her daughter.

2. The Sisters 

The common scenario for this type is that the mother was too young when she gave birth to her daughter, so they practically grew up together. Their relationship is more inclined toward sisterhood. They share clothes, the daughter calls her mother’s friends by their first names, and even considers them her friends as well. They are a gang.

3. The Ambitious & the Executor 

There is no love compared to the love of a mother toward her daughter, this is what drives the mother in this type of relationship to have her daughter try and experience all the things she hadn’t done or experienced herself. She wants her to travel the world, or go to the best colleges, or fall madly in love. They are a team and she is her daughter’s best cheerleader, pushes her to take the best out of life.

4. The Authoritarian & The Submissive 

Well, I know we were sliding on a positive vibe, but this type has to be mentioned, especially that it gets mixed up with the third one. This is the type where the mother takes the wheel of her daughter’s life, and makes all the decisions for her. She simply wipes out her daughter’s personality and wants her to be her carbon copy!

5. The Best Friends

Who better to be your secret keeper, the shoulder to cry on, the ear to listen to you when you’re hurt than your own mother? And when she does that and knows what to say and how to say it to you, she earns herself the title of your BFF. But it is not all drama here, your BFF aka your mom is your shopping buddy, your love expert, and also your bank account.

6. The Strangers 

Again, I am bursting the happy bubble. I dare say that between all the types on the list, this is the most common one. Here the mother and daughter are the last to hear about what is going on in each other’s lives. They don’t involve each other in their problems, decisions, happy moments, unless it’s really necessary. Sometimes it is a one sided deal, and other times both of them are practically strangers to each other.

7. The Mismatch 

Well, let’s end the article on a happy note. This is the type where  the mother is always wondering where her daughter came from. They are poles apart in everything; in fashion, in music, in their way of thinking, in everything! But that doesn’t stand in the way of their love for each other, somehow they find a middle ground to stand on, and in a way they complete each other.

So which type is your mother-daughter relationship? Or maybe you have another type to add to the list, share your thoughts with us.