We all get those ‘butterflies in my tummy’ moments when we have a crush; some of us even have like a million crushes every month. Don’t act all innocent on us, we know it all! There is nothing wrong with being a hopeless romantic, the thing is your best friend won’t just let it go, because hey, what are best friends for. They will be the ones making you look like crap when your crush is around, while also having your back when things don’t work out. Well, we’re more concerned with the first part as usual. Here is how you can spot if your best friend is having a crush and make their life literal hell on Earth.

1. El 7eta el 7abl is on and you can no longer spot those Abibas sneakers

The Louis Vuitton bag will be the one to carry around anywhere; we won’t tell anyone that it’s fake either. Who cares? All what matters is that your 7amada will spot that LV logo and know what you’re made of.

2. El da2n et7al2et/ el 7awageb et3amelt…Yes, we said it!

Your best friend probably always had the eyebrows of a Troy warrior right before battle, but now she’s suddenly boasting the Hollywood look. This won’t change the fact that your best friend will always look like a Troy warrior though!

3. Their social media news feed is turning into- mo7n-feed

The love quotes and romantic memes are taking over your best friend’s profile, hiding away all the old tare2et 3amal el ferakh bel curry posts. They may not even understand what the quote means, but it doesn’t really matter as long as it includes the word ‘Love’.

4. They will be bringing up their crush’s name in every conversation

You will be basically discussing something completely irrelevant, but they’ll somehow always find a way to bring them up. You will be talking about the revolution and they’ll go like ‘Samya 3andaha 3alam masr 3ala fekra’, leaving you go WT*!

5. Their profile picture is changing into a Hollywood magazine cover

Sadly enough, the profile picture with 3ameto Sama7  had to be removed and replaced by that good hair day photo by the beach. Everyone knows you probably had to take 200 snaps  to get it right and probably another 200 filters; we hope it paid off!

6. They are getting around total strangers and being too friendly with them

You probably won’t be smart enough to figure out that these people are the crush’s neighbors, friends or even siblings in some desperate cases. Your best friend will probably be more likely to end up with their crush’s neighbor at the end.

7. The Amr Diab romantic daydream test

That one may sound evil, but it usually works out most of the time. You basically turn on one of El Hadaba’s romantic classics, and find your best friend in a different world of daydreaming. Don’t throw up, we’ve all been there!

8. Your best friend will probably start hitting the gym to get that abs game on

You’d think it’s fine to hit the gym for your own well-being. That’s true in most cases, but it kind of says it all if your friend is usually hugging a pack of Cheetos at home.

Now that we’ve helped you solve your best friend’s mystery, the missing part would be to find out who the crush is. That part is easy; you just need to lay your hands on your friend’s phone and check their Instagram/Facebook search history. They would  probably have a stalking MBA on their crush by that time, and we are just here to help you unlock the big secret. If by any means you get caught doing so, we know nothing whatsoever….matgebolnash el kalam! Good luck Corombo!