Here comes the weekend! After a long week of a repetitive routine, most of us were probably looking to have an exciting weekend. The only way to do that was by getting off the couch to join Downtown’s first (and perhaps the biggest) Cairo Marathon and enjoy the morning breeze and warm sunlight.

This Friday, Mountain View hand in hand with Cairo Runners challenged the fatigued Cairenes to shake the long working week off by running in downtown’s biggest Marathon, held under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The Marathon started off at 6:30 from Kasr El Nile Bridge bringing young ladies and gents along with families from all walks. The run lasted for a couple of hours and included many race types ranging from 42km to 10km, in addition to the para race for challenged racers and the family race.

The run was then followed by family-friendly entertainment shows, enjoyed by everyone!

After the event, social media platforms were flooded with photos of downtown Cairo at the early dawn hours, with runners in a blue branded t-shirt. The photos managed to convey a new sentiment about the historic and timeless neighborhood at the heart of the capital, stressing the beauty of Cairo and encouraging tourism.

The run’s significance does not stop there, but what is noteworthy is that by joining the run beside improving your health, you’ve been contributing to a lofty cause. A portion of the marathon’s profits will be donated to help the local children hospital, 57357; which will be dedicated to aiding the children suffering from cancer to receive better treatment.

Awareness has been an integral part of the run. Everyone truly experienced what it means to be part of this community. This has always been a message Mountain View holds at the core of its philosophy. Mountain View is not only establishing compounds; they are a trend-setter among the real-estate developers promoting the idea of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through spreading happiness and encouraging everyone within the community to exercise to get in shape and stay fit.

Furthermore, and with this event, Mountain View gave you a chance to become a beacon of good-doing, who cares for giving back to the society you live in.