Seems like Facebook’s scandals, malfunctions and controversies won’t be ending anytime soon! From the hacks and privacy invasion to sexist search functions, this is just getting too much.

A couple of days ago, Facebook users found a setting in the website’s search that would enable them to look up female friends through their “Bikini photos’. Awful, right?

What’s even worse is that you can search for stuff like that if it ONLY includes women, not men! Like if you would even like to try to search for your male friends, it would immediately assume that you’re still searching for the female ones. How incredibly sexist and obnoxious is this? What the hell Facebook?

If the idea itself of searching users in their swimsuits wasn’t creepy and horrible enough, you decide to make it even more horrendous with your women exclusive disrespect! Like why? Huh? WHY?

However, officials from Facebook have stated that it’s a bug in the works of fixing. But it’s always a bug for Facebook, isn’t it? 

But with that being said, they then changed their confessions to explain that this is simply how the search function works. Because it generates and shows what most people are searching for in the suggestions. Which happens to be “Female Friends Bikini Photos”.

Well, even if that’s true – neverminding the change of heart in their confessions – it’s still sick, and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Since until this very moment, you can STILL look up photos of your female friends through the search engine, according to the suggestions that appear.

At this point, we don’t know if it’s entirely Facebook’s fault for allowing this and not being able to fix it immediately or if it’s the sick people who ACTUALLY search their female friends by their bikini photos. Not to mention the whole automatic ‘sexist’ function for not applying this on males too! 

Sources: The Independent