Let’s be real, are there any of us who have never experienced what’s referred to as a “Chronic Crush”? Highly doubtful!

Whether at school, university or even work; developing a crush on someone is kind of inevitable. And what’s even more inescapable is when the potential relationship turns out to be impossible.

This happens a lot and for different reasons, but that’s not what we’re here to tackle. Because what happens during the “impossible” crushing phase is that feelings get stronger every day, regardless of the circumstances.

We’re here to tell you that while it might seem very hard and rather impossible to get over a crush you’ve had for a long time, it’s really not.

Trust us and try to follow the 7 steps below, and you might be one of the many lucky ones who could end up saying “I made it”!

1# Avoid Social Media (for some time)

We’re not suggesting you deactivate your accounts. But you just need some time away from social media, so you could get your mind off the person for a while.

Chronic Crush

Let’s not lie to ourselves, stalking is the easiest most addictive thing in the world. And it’s not going to magically stop being a thing.

Instead of wishing you had a magical button to keep you from writing their name in the search bar, take a break. It’ll happen, but slowly. So don’t rush and think it’s not going away!

2# Distance yourself a bit from the “Mutuals”

This is not easy. And again, we’re not saying cut off your socials. Distancing yourself from the common people will get you used to not always being updated on the latest news.

Chronic Crush

Knowing everything or at least some gossip about your crush from the friends you have in common, like stalking, can get addictive.

And this definitely doesn’t help, at all. Which is why the more you distance yourself, the harder it’s going to be when you try to collect information about him/her, after a while.

Remember that you don’t need to know anything about their lives. Just focus on your own!

3# Set Ground Rules for your Friends

Having a crush automatically means your friends know everything. And while this could be fun, it’s really dangerous.

Because once their name is brought to the table, it’s not easily going away. And at that point, your life revolves around what they did today, who commented on their picture, who they hung out with last week..etc (it never ends!)

Chronic Crush
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Which is why, jokes and gossip aside, your friends should help you with NOT even mentioning the person’s name.

Again, if you’re taking this seriously and have really made the decision to get over that crush; you need to get used to not having a clue what that person is doing!

4# DELETE the Pictures

This is incredibly crucial. You don’t need those pictures; they’re just extra unnecessary storage. We promise!

Chronic Crush

Having a billion pictures of your crush on your phone gallery is basically crushing 101. But getting rid of those photos and memories is key!

At least you won’t have to be reminded with what didn’t work, for whatever reason.

5# Put an End to Daydreaming

This might honestly be the absolute hardest of all. We know that, sadly. But like we said, nothing is impossible y’all!

Chronic Crush

While you cannot control your imagination or the places your mind wanders to 24/7, you could at least be alert that your crush is almost always going to make a special appearance in your daydreams.

And honestly, being keen on replacing him/her with other people, eventually works. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a celebrity or even a co-worker you find cute; just keep working on eliminating your crush from your daydreams. With time and persistence, it’ll go away and you’ll get used to it.

6# Focus on the Flaws

Remember all the good things you thought are perfect and got you attached? Well yeah, now pretend they vanished.

Chronic Crush

For real, you already know the good you saw in them. Try to remember every bad habit, situation, characteristic that could turn you off and hold on to it.

This honestly works magic!

7# Get Busy

Yes please! If you think and look closely, you’d figure out that a big part of that ‘undying’ crush is that you don’t really have a lot going on in your life.

Chronic Crush

This is somewhat sad to admit but, unfortunately, true!

So, basically, drowning yourself in work, having a hobby, focusing on your studies or even socials is going to help you a lot in replacing all the wasted time you spend stalking/thinking about your crush.

And that aside, it’s beneficial for you, in general!


Yes, we do know it takes time. Getting over something or someone doesn’t happen overnight. It requires hard work and a strong will, too.

If you strictly follow this advice and take these tips seriously, we promise that it won’t be that hard to get over your ‘chronic’ crush.