Zodiac signs can be so important when choosing the right time to cut your hair. Because in some days, cutting/trimming your hair can be so beneficial for your hair as it can strengthen it and make it grow longer and faster. While other days it can be a bad idea because it might damage your hair and affect its ability to grow as fast as it used to do.

In this little November/December 2018 calendar, we’re going to show you what days are favorable for a haircut and what days are not.

calendarWhen the moon is in each sign, it affects your hair health in a way or another. Follow each zodiac and see how different days would make a change.

Moon in Aries

Speeds up the hair growth process but keeps no goodness. In general, it is not recommended for you to cut your hair during this time because protection decreases and the probability of damage increases.

Moon in Taurus, Capricorn

Good time to cut your hair as it helps hair grow with no split ends and reduces falling out.

Moon in Virgo

When the moon is in Virgo, it’s the best time for hairstyling, curling, dying, etc. basically anything that requires using chemicals or hair products.

Moon in Gemini and Sagittarius

This time makes rebellious hair not suitable for straightening, but makes perfect for curls.

Moon in Gemini and Libra

Hair grows strong after a haircut with no damages. Perfect day to do the pouf hairstyle.

Moon in Aquarius

Not a good period to cut your hair. Time to try an unusual hairstyle. Hair’s health remains unchangeable.

Moon in Cancer and Pisces

If you have crisp and dry hair, this is the best time for your hair to restore its health but with a slow hair growth process. Shampooing is not recommended during these days.

Moon in Leo

Best days for hair coloring, dying and styling. Hair’s health remains unchangeable. A haircut is good for soft, sleek, voluminous hair. If you have thick hair, curling is not recommended during those days.

Moon in Scorpio

Does not influence hair health. It is an extremely tight moon phase for haircut because it can improve or destroy your hair. It can become harder and thicker or damaged and fall out.


So here’s the conclusion:

  • The perfect time for cutting your hair is a Full Moon period in Leo or in Virgo. These days don’t come too often so don’t miss out on them, go ahead and change your hairstyle.
  • The Full Moon period is a point when everything is consummated with Lunar energy. When the moon wanes, this energy is casted out from our bodies instead. That’s why it’s advised to clear up your energy by cutting your hair (just a trim is enough).
  • If you got your own schedule, you shouldn’t disregard what suits you and stick to the calendar. Keep doing what works best for you. It’s all for your hair’s health after all.