By: Rana Assem
Creating memories is what makes us all humans. Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to document them. Even though the human brain can do the job perfectly, but it can never remember all the tiny details. This is why documenting memories is the safest way possible.

1. Writing a diary

This is the oldest way of documenting memories and probably the easiest one.  All   you need to have on you is a notebook and a pen. You can carry it around everywhere and jot down your thoughts and feelings or describe an event any time of the day.

2. Starting a blog

This is the newest trend and you can never lose the information because it’s saved in a data form. Blogging is easy because you can update it regularly. If you’re sitting by the beach, you can just capture a nice photo and upload it to your blog with a catchy caption.

3. Taking a photo

It’s a way of documenting and saving memories forever. When you take a photo and save it, it can then be moved to your laptop or a flash memory for backup.

4. Creating home movies

This requires someone walking around with a camera and filming everything. It’s the same process like taking a photo, where you can export the video to the laptop and then save it on a flash memory. This form of documentation allows us to witness the same memory and stir up the same feelings.

5. Memfy

This is basically an electronic journal. Similar to blogging, your information can be safely kept and protected. You can document your memories by writing about the moment you want to remember and then posting a photo if there’s one.

To sum it up, it’s always great to document your memories because they always bring up the same old feelings when you see them again.