Who doesn’t want to have fun?! But who has got the money for it? This time we are not going to talk about some imaginary ways of how to travel with the minimum amount of money, but we will find ways to save money and still have fun.

1. Know what you are saving for.

Knowing what you’re saving for will give you motivation to keep on adding money to your piggy bank, whatever that is. It has to be somewhere you don’t see every minute so you don’t reach for it as soon as you run out of cash.

Tip: Keep it for something you really truly want (tattoo, watch, gift for someone you really love, trip, or even a car)

2. Know how much it costs.

You have to know how much it costs exactly, so that you know how much you need to save.

3. Save that amount, before you spend!

  • Budget your spending.
  • Save the change you get when buying/paying for anything. Yes, that 5 L.E will make a difference.
  • As soon as you get your salary, take out a good amount of your paycheck and save it. At least 100 L.E.
  • Stay away from where you’re saving!

Now go have fun with the amount you have left and keep in mind that having fun is not just about partying. You can go camping with your friends with the minimal amount of money. Keep the parties to one night per month. Have a girls/guys night at your place. Throw a potluck party. Be a tourist in your country for a day; go to touristic places you’ve never been and take pictures. Host a Karaoke night. The list is endless, we just need to broaden our definition of fun.