Mohamed Sobhy

On Wednesday’s episode of Wael El Ebrachy’s show ‘Kol Yom‘; Egyptian film, TV and theatre actor Mohamed Sobhy bashed almost everyone you could think of!

The actor turned the episode into a full on screaming session at everything he thinks is wrong with our society. Especially how ‘horribly’ art is being perceived nowadays.

Sobhy is known for his controversial opinions, as he usually talks about values, principles, good education and sophisticated art. And we say ‘controversial’ because he often bashes so many people along the lines of his advocacies.

Mohamed Sobhy

When asked about what he thinks of the new wave of Egyptian theatre; of course, Sobhy’s tone was enough to show how lowly he thinks of it. He even compared theatre at his time and modern times with marriage and prostitution, with theatre being a bedroom where you’d walk in and find either a married couple or prostitutes. Seems absurd but he really did say that! 

Proceeding with the harsh criticism, Sobhy was asked about Masrah Masr; that’s when we saw the feud rising between him and Egyptian actor Ashraf Abdelbaki.

Sobhi criticized Masrah Masr’s content, actors, founder and even title. As he pointed out that if he had to give his team a title that contained Egypt’s name, he would never rest. Ouch!

Mohamed Sobhy

Sobhy also angrily brought up what Abdelbaki said about his Masrah Masr actors being his friends, meaning he doesn’t have much control over them like Sobhy had with his own theatre actors back in his time. We don’t know why but that statement seemed to boil Sobhy’s anger. 

Furthermore, Sobhy more or less indirectly referred to Abdelbaki’s theatre as stale, uncivil and uncultured. Adding that an Arab man once told him that he went to see it four times but he still looks down on it and strongly disagrees as well with Egypt’s name being associated with something like this. Um, weird, right? Why do you willingly go and see it then, unknown Arab man? 

In a related context, speaking of the other types of art being presented on TV these days; Sobhy -once again- indirectly criticized old high profile actors like Adel Emam. Although he did not mention the name, but it was obvious. Saying that they now get paid huge sums of money. Not just that, he also questioned the ‘horrible’ quality of their work nowadays. Somewhat true we can’t deny!

Mohamed Sobhy

He also stressed that he has never and will never be the one to compromise the quality of his sophisticated work for money. Um, okay.

With all due respect to the great actor, but wasn’t that just really harsh from him? Yes we know the guy is entitled to his opinions and a lot of people share his point of views, but, isn’t it really disrespectful and unprofessional to publicly bash his fellow artists like that?

It really isn’t cool and it’s just sad to see him insulting Abdelbaki like that when all the guy did was revive theatre again even if it wasn’t to our taste.

Yes, it’s naturally hard for everyone to have the same taste or opinion on things, but aggressively forcing your thoughts on others, making them feel so little is not the way to go! Right?!

What do you guys think of what Mohamed Sobhy said? Was he fair in his  judgement? Didn’t he go too far this time with his comparisons and insults? Share your thoughts with us!